LEGO® Ferris Wheel 10247 Lighting Kit

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LEGO® Ferris Wheel 10247 Lighting Kit

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  • Exclusive Lego Ferris Wheel 10247 Lighting Kit
  • LiteupBlock
  • Lego 10247 is NOT included
  • The pack INCLUDES 6 battery case and 4pcs of RGB lights for each case. Each side of the wheel takes 3 battery cases (12leds)
  • Batteries not included



  • Works best with Lego Ferris Wheel 10247
  • Compatible with Lego and all major brick brands
  • Great for MOC or Lego cities if not used on Lego 10247
  • Let your Ferris Wheel 10247 come to life
  • Best used together with Lego Carousel 10196 Lego Fairground Mixer 10244 & Lego Ferris Wheel 4957 for a carnival light show!


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