Mordred - Knight of the Round Table

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Mordred - Knight of the Round Table

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Mordred is a figure in the legend of King Arthur. He is usually depicted as Arthur's nephew and a traitorous knight who usurped the throne and killed Arthur in battle. Mordred is a complex and ambiguous figure in the Arthurian legend. He is sometimes portrayed as a villain, but he can also be seen as a tragic figure who was caught up in the events of his time. He is a reminder that even the best of kings can make mistakes, and that even the most noble knights can be corrupted by power.

Details and Features:

  • UV Printed
  • Double face printing
  • Custom moulded hair, robe & weapon

**Waiting time for minifigure is about 7-8 weeks** 
**We highly encourage using registered mail for this item**


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