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Custom LEGO Shu Kingdom 三國志 - 蜀國 Minifigures

Sold Out

Pre-orders for Romance of the Three Kingdom Shu Kingdom 蜀國 Characters!


  • Custom printed LEGO Romance of the Three Kingdom 蜀國 Minifig
  • Unique, rare and one of a kind
  • Carefully designed clothes for each individual character
  • Liu Bei - 劉備, Guan Yu - 關羽, Zhang Fei - 張飛, Zhao Yun - 趙雲 & Zhuge Liang - 諸葛亮


  • Comes with the custom printed flag.
  • Includes weapon/item/accessory held on hand
  • Only printed legs and not printed "dress"
  • A must have for all Romance of the Three Kingdom lovers!
  • Great for MOC lovers too!

**Waiting time for pre-ordered item is around 3 weeks**

**We highly encourage using registered mail for this item**

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