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MOC Hand-Painted Minifigs (Lego Parts 2)


Our customized Minifig uses original Lego's head, torso and leg. We focus on the detailed and realistic art of our Minifig through a customize process of filing, drilling and modifying parts with the combination of material from other reputable toy product.

For the finest detailed, we finished our product with the top quality paint. On top of all, our product still remain its playability property of Lego or can use it as a magnificent display in your collection.


  • All helm can be remove from the minifig
  • All weapons can be remove from hand 
  • Each minifig require around 6-15 days for completion
  • Modification include joining and fillings of gaps for stabability and seamless craftsmanship
  • Colour coating require many different layer of shades and time to dry
  • Final layer of laquer are apply to protect Minifig as well
  • Each minifig are one of its kind meaning every single piece have a little different even it's the same character because it is purely handmade


  • Customized by our in-house designers
  • Exquisite & detailed hand-painted Minifig
  • A must have for all MOC lovers!
  • Great for display
  • Hours spent to specially hand-paint Minifig and Accessories
  • Specially crafted and painted with high quality modelling paints
  • Unique, rare and one of a kind

We encourage meet ups for these items. We will pass the hand-made item to you for checks and also to explain on how the entire artwork was done.

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