Custom Lego Minifigures from various themes such as Games, Anime, Famous Characters or even Movies and many more!


Accessorize your minifigures with cool and unique items or get some custom made or 3d printed accessories to go with your minifigures or builds!


The best way to gift someone? Get your very own customized Minifigure or Build for your loved ones and friends!


Unique and one-of-a kind

The story of Loot A Brick began with the search for customized Minifigures and MOC builds for founder, Ivan’s own collection. Back in the days where customized Lego® builds and Minifigures are not readily available, he had to turn to forums and various online platforms to look for these customizations.

Ivan has always wanted to get his very own customized minifigures that are unique and one-of-a kind. From his favourite Romance of Three Kingdom figures to custom school team jerseys, these custom figures would usually be unavailable. Ivan would try to mix and match various Lego® figures, but failing to get the desired outcome most of the time.