Custom Projects

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Custom Superheroes

Decked in superhero uniform, these cute little ones are an inspiration for the school kids!

Custom Sports Diorama

Get a diorama of yourself and your partner in your favourite sports activity! 

Custom Tiles Print

Have a signage or logo that you want for your Lego set? Custom print any picture or logo on any Lego tiles or bricks!

Custom Coffee House Diorama

A mini diorama of your frequented offee house and your favourite server!

Custom Anime Character

Want to recreate your favourite anime character in the form of a Lego minifigure? We bring your anime characters to life!

Custom Character

A fully customized character which has custom printed and hand crafted parts! Let you imagination go wild with your own design and let us make your imagination come true!

Custom Farewell Gift (Diorama)

A custom diorama farewell gift for your beloved boss who holds the reins in the office! Surprise your boss/colleague with a diorama of his/her office space!

Custom Couple Keychain Minifigures

Want to bring a piece of your beloved partner with you? Get a keychain minifigure of you and your partner in your favourite clothes!

Custom Family Members

Having a family portrait is so old school! Get a set of customized family minifigures instead!

Custom Farewell Gift

Having colleagues that are leaving the company? Create a customized figure of your colleague in his/her favourite singlet with your company's logo! Best gift ever!

Custom Studio Gameshow Diorama

A fully customized gameshow diorama show casing a host, game participants, camera crew and audeinces! 

Custom Lady Dimitrescu Dress & Hat

A carefully handcrafted custom made dress and hat for the character Lady Dimitrscu from Resident Evil. 

Custom Made Gold-rimmed Hat with Feather

Yet another hand-crafted broad-brimmed hat with feather and gold rimmings which is usually worn by Thai royals.

Custom Medieval Statues

This is a custom 3d printed Medieval Minifigure Statues in Lego size. The statue minifigures are carefully handpainted and will fit well into any castle builds. The base are fitted with Lego bricks and they are able to used together on Lego base plates/bricks.

Custom Framed Certificate & Minifigure

Finally got your hardearned certifcate? Frame it up along with a customized Minifigure of yourself and get your accolades up there!

Custom Corporate Minifigures

A good way to showcase your event with a custom printed T-shirt with the logo imprinted. Definitely a good way to market your brand and a great keepsake for the event!

Custom Corporate Minifigures

Get your company's brandname out there with a fully customized backdrop of your logo and message & Minifigures donning your company's uniform. A perfect customized gift!

Custom Tattooed Minifigure

As the saying goes, Green Dragon on the left (左青龙), White Tiger on the right (右白虎)! A specially custom printed tattooed left arm with the Green Dragon. Now, who dares to mess with the Green Dragon?!

Custom Birthday Minifigure and Printed Box

A custom Minifigure in your favourite attire as a birthday gift for your family or friends. Comes with a custom printed casing where you can put your messages to your loved ones.

Custom Tattooed Minifigure

A local tattoo artist showcasing himself in a Minifigure form! Look at the amazing custom printed tattoos on the arms and face!

Custom School Sports Team

Don't we all love the times we spent with our teammates in school? Get a custom printed Minifigure of yourself and your schoolmates in your favourite school team jersey!

Custom Minibuild

Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. A custom Minibuild of the Ferris Wheel brings you to greater heights!

Custom Minibuild

Home sweet home! Recreate a custom Minibuild of your house and let your friends admire it.

Custom Build

Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper? Get your 90cm sized custom build of a Stormtrooper! Now, who dares call your stormie short again?

Custom Build

Who you gonna call?! Custom build your cute Marshmallow Man who stands as tall as the Ghostbuster Headquarters!