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Our Story

The story of Loot A Brick began with the search for customized Minifigures and MOC builds for founder, Ivan’s own collection. Back in the days where customized Lego® builds and Minifigures are not readily available, he had to turn to forums and various online platforms to look for these customizations.

Ivan has always wanted to get his very own customized minifigures that are unique and one-of-a kind. From his favourite Romance of Three Kingdom figures to custom school team jerseys, these custom figures would usually be unavailable. Ivan would try to mix and match various Lego® figures, but failing to get the desired outcome most of the time.

Unable to find the Minifigures that he wants, he decided to go online in search of finding customizers who can make the figures for him. Through the research, he realized that there was a demand for such customized builds and Minifigures, but it was hard to find anyone who was willing to do complicated designs for just a single piece or two figures. It was then Ivan thought that if no one was doing it, why not do it himself?

Without any design background, Ivan foraged into the internet to learn how to create designs for Minifigures and the different ways of producing a customized Minifigure. After months of trialing and testing, he finally was able to create a simple design and get it done on Photoshop! BEST FEELING EVER! Ivan then reached out to companies who would print these custom figures to get them printed.

After getting his order sent to him, that is when the “Aha” moment struck him! Why not bring such joy to others too?! Since then, Loot A Brick was set up to cater to everyone and anyone who wants to get their hands on customized Minifigures and custom builds.


As Lego® enthusiasts, we know that there is an endless possibility to building and creativity with Lego®. With the growing number of Lego® fans who are open to custom designs using Lego® parts, Loot A Brick works closely with partners from all over the world, striving to produce quality custom designs and printing for the broader audience both locally and internationally. From conceptual designs to custom printing and production, Loot A Brick will be able to help with your customized project regardless it is for someone special or for yourself.


Loot A Brick aims to provide high quality customized brick toys for all brick enthusiasts. At Loot A Brick, we want to use Lego® to bring happiness & enjoyment to everyone. Regardless of age or ability, we hope to bring out the best creativity in anyone. Loot A Brick wants to provide a platform for all brick lovers to gather and share ideas for their interest in bricks.