What are My Own Creations (MOC)?

If you're a new fan of Lego who's just stepped into the community, you've probably heard the term MOC being thrown around a lot but maybe you're wondering what it means. MOC stands for My Own Creation and in Lego terms it means a creation built by Lego parts!

While Lego does come up with sets for a wide range of movies, games and even famous architectural sites in real life, they can't cater to everyone and that's where MOCs come in. 

MOCs are an amazing way to celebrate the art of building. They include custom builds of characters, places, Technic MOCs which include mechanical parts for functional creations and Automaton MOCs which combine the usual Lego parts with technic elements, allowing their creations to move.

MOCs are basically an interpretation of anything we see around us in the form of lego and if you think about it, they perfectly encapsulate how children play with a pile of Lego bricks, creating something through pure imagination.

While some Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL) might be more accustomed to buying Custom Lego Minifigs for display, MOCs may offer some Lego fans a sense of achievement in having an idea, sourcing for parts and seeing your vision realised through a little work. You can build matching sets for your lego minifigures like a Hogwarts MOC for a Harry Potter minifig and there are even MOC minfigs available!

With many people joining Lego MOC groups to learn techniques and just get inspired by other builders around the world. Some people may even get an official Lego set and create something entirely different from what's on the box. Many even post tutorials together with their creations to allow other Lego fans have the build for themselves. 

But as you can imagine, it can be tiring to look for specific parts and it's even worse when it's a huge creation with tons of different parts. That's where MOC sets come in. If you're looking for set that isn't available through Lego, then there are tons of MOC sets that might be more in line with something you're looking for.