Bu Jing Yun


Bu Jingyun is a central protagonist depicted as a skilled martial artist with a strong sense of justice and a free-spirited personality. Bu Jingyun travels the jianghu (martial arts world) seeking martial enlightenment while navigating complex relationships and moral dilemmas. His prowess in martial arts, particularly his unique swordsmanship, makes him a formidable fighter admired and feared by many.

Despite his formidable skills, Bu Jingyun is often portrayed as conflicted by the ambiguous morality of the jianghu, seeking a balance between loyalty, love, and honor in a world filled with intrigue and betrayal. His journey embodies themes of honor, loyalty, and personal growth against a backdrop of martial arts prowess and political intrigue.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigures
  • By Ace Burning Brick
  • Comes Pad printed
  • Custom moulded hairpiece and weapon
  • Weapon sold separately

**Minifig expected to be ready mid Jun to end Oct 2024**