Jian Sheng


In the epic world of Feng Yun, Jian Sheng stands as a towering figure of martial prowess and unwavering resolve. With a blade as sharp as his insight and a spirit as unyielding as his steel, he commands respect and admiration from allies and adversaries alike.

Jian Sheng's journey is one of relentless dedication to the art of the sword. Trained from a young age in the ancient techniques passed down through generations, he has honed his skills to perfection, mastering every facet of combat with unparalleled precision and grace.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigures
  • By Ace Burning Brick
  • Comes UV printed
  • Custom moulded hairpiece and weapon

**Minifig expected to be ready mid Jun to end Jul 2024**