Knight of the Round Table Sir Mordred


Mordred, a figure shrouded in the shadows of legend, stands as a tragic and formidable presence within the annals of Arthurian lore. Often depicted as the illegitimate son of King Arthur, Mordred's story is one of ambition, betrayal, and the inexorable march towards destiny.

In the hallowed halls of Camelot, Mordred's brooding countenance and piercing gaze set him apart from his noble brethren. Despite his undeniable skill in combat and his keen intellect, Mordred harbors a deep-seated resentment towards King Arthur, fueled by the circumstances of his birth and the perceived injustices of his upbringing.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigure
  • From Leyile
  • UV printed
  • Custom moulded helmet, armour and weapons

**Waiting time for minifigure is about 7-8 weeks**