Lord of the Rings Trolls


Trolls are large, man-like creatures that are known for their strength, stupidity, and love of stone. They live in caves and mountains, and they are often found guarding bridges or other important places. Trolls are also known for their ability to turn to stone if they are caught in the sunlight. They are also very stupid and easily tricked. Trolls are often used by Sauron to guard his strongholds and to carry out his bidding. 

Details and Features:

  • Proudly created by Night Create Studios
  • UV Printed
  • Fully custom mould and handpainted
  • Comes in 8 different designs, of which only 5 are available now
  • Remaining 3 designs to come in 2024
  • Moria Orc is purchase separately from Cave Troll of Moria

Collect all 8 designs and get a free 9th Troll! 9th Troll design to be unveiled only after all 8 designs are completed

To get your free troll, please send us a screenshot of your orders for the 8 designs

**Trolls expected to be ready end Dec 2023 or early Jan 2024**