Romance of the Three Kingdoms Lu Bu (V2)


Lü Bu was a renowned military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China. He is often portrayed as a formidable warrior and a skilled horseman, renowned for his prowess in archery and combat.

Lü Bu's life was marked by both triumphs and betrayals. He initially served under the warlord Ding Yuan, but he betrayed and killed him to defect to the powerful Dong Zhuo. However, Lü Bu's relationship with Dong Zhuo was also short-lived, and he eventually turned against him, leading to Dong Zhuo's assassination.

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Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigure
  • From Leyile
  • UV printed
  • Custom moulded helmet, armour and weapons
  • Custom moulded horse armour
  • Comes in 2 version, long legs and normal legs

**Waiting time for minifigure is about 7-8 weeks**