Warhammer Rogal Dorn


Rogal Dorn is known for his unyielding dedication and stoic leadership as Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Legion. Renowned for his strategic brilliance and unwavering resolve in defense of humanity, Dorn embodies the virtues of fortitude and martial prowess. Clad in his iconic yellow armor, he is a symbol of resilience and steadfastness on the battlefield, often leading from the front lines in the Imperium's darkest conflicts.

Dorn's unwavering loyalty to the Emperor and his commitment to the Imperial cause have cemented his legacy as one of the Imperium's greatest defenders, inspiring both fear and admiration among allies and foes alike in the grim darkness of the far future.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigure
  • From Minifig Factory
  • UV Printed
  • Custom moulded helmet, armour, weapon

**Waiting time for minifigure is about 7-8 weeks**