An introduction to Lego Dioramas

So you’re a minifig collector looking to up your lego game, what do you do? Or maybe you’re a photographer looking to take some shots of your minifigs but they’re looking a little bare. Sure, your customized minifigs look great against some natural scenery but what if you could have a scene perfect for your specific minifigs? Like a Harry Potter minifig inside of a room in Hogwarts, for example.

Look no further than lego dioramas!

Of course, adult fans of lego or AFOLs have been building lego sets for years and MOCs (or Make your Own Creation) have existed since people realized the power of lego. Armed with nothing but some bricks and their imagination, creators have made amazing works of art of everything under the sun such as architectural wonders in brick form like the 13-metre-tall Tower Bridge in London by Land Rover that broke a Guinness World Record for most number of bricks used (they used a whopping 5,805,846 bricks, by the way). But of course, this was done with expert help and a whole lot of time and energy. Even sourcing for bricks for a small scene might prove to be too much effort for the everyday collector, which is why it’s lucky that Lego has released its own Diorama Collection. 

But it was only quite recently that Lego realized that they had a whole new product line that AFOL would fawn over. Combining the joy of building with a model designed to be displayed together with minifigs, is it any wonder that these would be a hit among fans? Lego released their first ever diorama with the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber back in 2021 but since then they’ve come out with a whole lot more models under their Diorama Collection like ancient sites like the Great Pyramid of Giza and modern day marvels like their Singapore set that features the Lion City’s iconic skyline with Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore River. 

These days there are even dioramas that incorporate real elements together with lego bricks like little pebbles and grass for a little pinch of realism. Think of it like a terrarium for your customized minifigs. If you’re a little bored of looking at your minifigs all alone in their display cases, dioramas make an amazing backdrop for them and they are the perfect addition to your display.