Perks of Playing with Lego as an Adult

Whenever anyone thinks of children’s toys, lego is bound to be on the list. Who else can remember the joy of stacking bricks together with childhood friends? There a few children's toys that are able to bring out a little one's imagination and creativity like lego does. 

These days, lego choices have expanded far past the signature bricks to minifigures, custom builds and even movies and theme parks around the world! Lego has been a global phenomenon and it’s not hard to imagine why. Not only are they fun to play with, there are multiple benefits that come along with playing with lego.

Whether you’re a new parent or searching for the perfect gift for younger cousins, getting a set of lego is the perfect way to go. There have been countless research papers detailing the educational benefits of playing with lego as a child. Some of these include problem solving and developing spatial awareness and motor skills, learning focus and concentration. 

But did you know that there are actually quite a few benefits for playing with lego as an adult too!

Relaxation for the stressed out workaholic

In an increasingly competitive world full of deadlines and tasks to complete, the company has shifted gears away from AFOL and children to instead focus on working adults. While it can be nice to get on Netflix or YouTube to catch up on shows to relax, chances are that you've spent the entire day in front of a screen and your brain is overstimulated. A set of lego can be the perfect company for some quiet time to practice mindfulness. 

Reconnecting with your Creative side

Side hustles have become popular and in a capitalistic world, we are sometimes made to feel like our time should be spent making money. Enjoy paintings? Sell your art. Enjoy designing? Find projects in your free time to get some extra income. While it isn't a terrible thing to profit off your hobbies and interests, playing with lego can be a great way to connect with your creative side without worrying about how the finished product will be judged. It's a purpose-free and stress-free way to indulge in creating something entirely yours without any expectations. 

Combining your interests

Many AFOLs are collectors of minifigures and it can be an enjoyable process to figure out the best ways to display your minifigures. You could create a project to build a case for your collection, design your house in a way to best showcase the figures that you have and it's the perfect excuse to learn photography if it's something that you've always wanted to try. Many lego fans even bring their minfigs on trips overseas so that they have picturesque backdrops for their photos!

Mental Health Perks

With the chaos that's happening in the midst of a global pandemic, it's natural to feel anxious stressed and a little lost. That's what makes a lego set paired with instructions an amazing tool for mental health. There's little that you can do to mess it up and what makes it so fulfilling is that you can spend time focusing the process, and you'll always know the next steps to take when you look at the instructions, you'll be able to find a sense of achievement with the finished product.

The pluses and appeal of playing with lego as an adult go beyond mere nostalgia and while it can be a way to feel the joy you felt as a child, it's really the perfect way to find some peace in a busy world that's always demanding something of you.