Why are Custom Lego Minifigures so Expensive

These days, lego minifigures come in all types of designs from every movie or game character or famous historical figures you’ll ever want. And even if you can’t find what you want, you can simply ask a professional to create your own custom lego minifigure. You might be wondering why customised lego minifigures are so expensive, but don't worry, we're here to explain it. 


There are two main types of printing for lego minifigures: UV Printing and Pad Printing. 

Pad printing involves the use of a pad and gives you a cleaner print, especially for curved surfaces and also feels smooth to the touch. This process is also tedious as colours need to be stamped one at a time, not forgetting to factor in drying time. This, of course, makes it a more expensive process compared to UV printing. 

UV printing is generally a more affordable option with the process of having multiple colours of dye applied at the same time and dried using ultraviolet light. 

There's also hand painting, which is pretty self explanatory and it goes without saying that this would be the most expensive option.


Art and design takes time and while you can do it yourself and save costs, it might not always live up to your expectations. Remember that with any artist, you’re never paying just for the cost of materials and their time. You’re paying for the amount of effort and time that it took them to reach that level of skill and fines

Custom Moulded or 3D Printed Parts

Getting a minifigure and printing on it is a pretty straightforward task. 

But what if you want a character that has a few key accessories that you can't do without? 

King Arthur would be nothing without his sword and Legolas just doesn't feel right without his bow and arrow. 

These parts have to be custom moulded, maybe because they have details that you can't find on any basic piece. Of course, this will cost you a little extra money. 

Taking all these different points into consideration, you’ll understand why Custom Lego Minifigs seem to be expensive. But if you think about it, it’ll be something you created in your vision and once it’s shipped, you’ll own a one of a kind piece.