Why do we love collecting and what's great about it?

With the latest in toys and games, collecting is even more prevalent today than ever. Whether it's a new launch of a figurine you love or adding the final piece to a set that you've been trying to find, it's a natural instinct to collect and people have been doing it for ages with items ranging from coins, stamps and even posters. Even as children, we have probably collected trading cards, games or toys and even now looking back, those items may still hold a special place in our hearts. For example, watching the Lord of the Rings movies as a kid while collecting Lord of the Rings minifigures as an adult because of our nostalgia.

While of course, the act of collecting brings us happiness, are there other reasons why we're driven by the need to have a particular item or minifig?

Here are some of the reasons why collectors collect and the benefits from keeping and growing a collection. 

Self-expression, creative thinking and organisational thinking

Any collection is made of the things you love, otherwise why even start a collection? It's a great way to externally express and showcase your likes and your passion for a certain item, show, game or historical figure. 

Maybe you're interested in Chinese history and culture and an avid fan of anything related to the Three Kingdoms period? Why not show off your interest through your collection of Three Kingdoms minifigures?

Making a display and thinking of how to showcase our collection can even inspire us to be creative and develop our organisation skills that can translate to other parts of our lives. 

Connectedness to Like-Minded People

While your collection may be personal, there maybe others out there that are interested in collecting the same items. This allows you to connect with people and make new friendships based on shared interests.

Stress Reduction 

As the world becomes increasingly more stressful and the worries of work and other problems get you down, collecting and spending time and effort on your collection has been reported to be a great way to relax after a long day at work. Maybe you've created a display or dedicated corner of your home to the things you love collecting. It's a perfect safe space to unwind and take your mind off of other matters. 

The Thrill of the Hunt

When you're passionate about collecting, finding a rare item to add to your collection can be exciting rather than a tiring affair. The longer and harder it is to get an item, the greater the feeling of fulfillment when you finally add something that you've been waiting for to your collection. 

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