Mongolian Heavy Armoured Calvary


Mongolian heavy armored cavalry, also known historically as the Mongolian Cataphracts, were a formidable force renowned for their strength, mobility, and resilience on the battlefield. These elite warriors played a crucial role in the expansion and dominance of the Mongol Empire under the leadership of figures like Genghis Khan.

Clad in thick, scale or lamellar armor made from materials like leather, iron, or steel, Mongolian heavy armored cavalrymen were protected from various forms of weaponry, including arrows and swords. Their armor covered not only their bodies but also their horses, creating a formidable barrier against enemy attacks.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigures
  • Proudly done by Cosmosbrick
  • UV printed and handpainted
  • Custom moulded head, armour and weapon
  • 3rd party brick part for horse

**Expected to be ready around end Jun to early Jul 2024**