Romance of the Three Kingdoms Zhang Fei (MFL)


Zhang Fei was a legendary warrior from Chinese history, known for his fierce loyalty and immense strength. During the end of the Han dynasty, he joined forces with Liu Bei and Guan Yu, forming a powerful brotherhood known for their bravery in battle. Zhang Fei's temperament was fiery, and he often led charges with reckless abandon. Despite his roughness, he was a skilled fighter and a valuable asset to Liu Bei's forces.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigure
  • By Minifiglab
  • Custom printed and handpainted
  • Custom moulded hair, armour and weapons
  • Custom moulded horse armour

**Horse is a 3rd party part, not a Lego part**

**Waiting time for minifigure is about 7-8 weeks**