Warhammer 40K Primaris Chaplain


Primaris Chaplain is a Space Marine Chaplain who has been enhanced with Primaris technology. This makes them even more powerful and resilient than their Firstborn counterparts. Primaris Chaplains are the spiritual leaders of their Primaris Space Marine Chapters.

They are responsible for instilling in their fellow battle-brothers the values and beliefs of the Chapter, and for promoting the veneration of the Emperor of Mankind. Primaris Chaplains are also fearsome warriors in their own right. They are equipped with Crozius Arcanum and heavy bolters, and they are capable of both inspiring and leading their fellow Space Marines into battle.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigure
  • By Minifig Factory
  • UV Printed
  • Double face printing
  • Custom moulded headgear, armour and weapons

**Waiting time for minifigure is about 7-8 weeks**