Elden Ring Malenia


Malenia is the twin sister of Miquella, another demigod who is afflicted with eternal childhood. She was born with the Scarlet Rot, a deadly disease that corrupts and withers everything it touches. Despite her affliction, Malenia is a skilled warrior who has never known defeat. She is fiercely protective of her brother, Miquella, and she will stop at nothing to ensure his safety.

Malenia's signature move is the Waterfowl Dance, a series of rapid-fire sword strikes that can be difficult to avoid. She is also able to unleash a devastating scarlet rot bloom, which can quickly infect and kill her enemies.

Details and Features:

  • Custom Lego Minifigure
  • Proudly created by Night Create Studios
  • Custom moulded and handpainted
  • Comes with helmet, hair, cape, sword, armoured arm and hair with wings

**Minifigure is expected to be ready mid Dec 2023**